CNN’s New 90 Day Wait Period For Paychecks Has Freelance Producers Outraged

Not content with only tanking in the TV ratings, former news giant CNN is now managing to tick off all of the freelancers that they hire across the world by extending payment wait times from an industry standard 30 days to a whopping 90 days. Many of the pieces that air on the news are not filmed by employees of whatever news station is airing it, but instead by independent contractor video producers, also called stringers. The news stations either commission these people to cover certain things or the contractors shop around pieces that they’ve put together on their own merit.

Brad Ingram, who serves as CNN’s “vice president” of their “procure to pay” wing of the “customer care department” sent the letter out the other day, explaining that the new policy takes effect on June 17th.

Apparently CNN still owes Marcus DiPaola $400 from a gig he did for them 5 years ago.

CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, hauled in about $33 Billion in revenue last year, but they can’t manage to pay $500-$2000 to someone they hired to produce a segment for their broadcast?

This 90 day plan has hundreds of stringers across world upset, and they are venting in a Facebook group. Check out what some of them are saying. Names have been Barredacted to protect any bridges that these guys may want to salvage with CNN. I even redacted the outspoken Bernie Bro’s name because I’m nice. Click any image to enlarge.


This freelance producer here brings up the fact that we’re approaching the 2020 election year, and CNN will be relying on stringers more than ever in their efforts to defeat Trump.

Others are recommending raising rates or adding in line item charges based on the length of time it takes to get paid.


One guy apparently had to wait 6 months to get paid from CNN.


Apparently CNN is investigating critics of the new policy, as one guy reports that an “administrative employee at Turner” was skimming through his LinkedIn profile as a result of this.


This comes on the heels of CNN laying off a slew staff as their ratings plunge by 26%.

Bravo CNN,Bravo.  They’ll surely try to blame this on Trump, Russia, and the NRA.

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