BREAKING: House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler Nearly Passes Out at Presser – Rushed to Hospital in Ambulance (VIDEOS)

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) appeared to have passed out at a presser with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday.

Mayor de Blasio offered Nadler water and told him he looked dehydrated.

When de Blasio asked Nadler if he was okay, Nadler responded with a very faint “no” and covered his face with his hand.


Nadler’s face looks “paper white,” local Brooklyn reporter Henry Rosoff said.

According to reports, Nadler, 71, was unresponsive for about a minute and slumped over in his chair.

The conference room was then cleared for privacy reasons.


Nadler was rushed to the hospital and taken away by ambulance for extra precaution:

Mayor de Blasio spoke to reporters after Nadler was taken to the hospital:

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