BREAKING: Bill Barr Will NOT Testify Before House Judiciary Committee Thursday

Bill Barr


Attorney General Bill Barr will not testify before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday.

Politico reported that according to a committee aide, Barr declined to appear before the Democrat-controlled panel to testify about Mueller’s report.

Barr was scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday but things began to go sideways after Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) proposed changes to the format.

A few days ago, Bill Barr warned House Democrats that he may be a no-show and skip the scheduled hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee this week.

Each member of the Judiciary Committee will have five minutes of questioning, but Chairman Nadler added an additional round that would allow both sides to question Barr for 30 minutes each.

Nadler also proposed additional questioning in a closed-door session to discuss redacted material in Robert Mueller’s report.

According to a report by CNN and confirmed by The Hill, Barr rejected the additional 30 minutes rounds and the closed-door questioning.

House Judiciary Committee members under the leadership of Chairman Nadler voted Wednesday morning to have staffers and experts question Attorney General Bill Barr in their committee hearing on Thursday.

They were afraid that Barr would blast them out of the water.

Barr wasn’t having any of it and canceled on the House Dems.

Nadler previously threatened to subpoena Bill Barr to compel testimony, but he hasn’t responded to Barr’s cancellation just yet — stay tuned!

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