Alan Dershowitz: What We Saw today Was Robert Mueller Putting His Thumbs on the Scale – His Motive Was to Help Democrats (Video)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a public statement on Wednesday on the Special Counsel.

Mueller muddied the waters by suggesting that his crooked special counsel of angry Democrats could NOT find that President Trump DID NOT commit a crime.

This was a disgusting, reprehensible display by the former FBI director.

On Wednesday night law professor and author Alan Dershowitz went off on Robert Mueller following his Wednesday statements.

Alan Dershowitz: What I saw today was him putting his thumbs on the scale. When he said, “If we had confidence the president DID NOT commit a crime we would have said so.” That was absolutely inappropriate for him to say. It was worse than anything that Comey said when he exonerated Hillary Clinton but then said “but she engaged in criminal conduct.” This is much, much worse. And it does show that he had a motive to help the Democrats.

Via Hannity:

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