BEAUTIFUL: Trump Calls Up Brother of Murdered Officer Ronil Singh who Tells the President: “We Support This Man – This Man Is Amazing!” (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump spoke at the Annual Police Officers’ Memorial Service in Washington DC.

During his presentation President Trump called up Reggie Singh, the brother of murdered Police Officer Ronil Singh, to the stage to share a few words.

Reggie hesitated at first and then spoke to the crowd thanking President Trump for his support of his family.


Reggie Singh: I am the brother of Corporal Ronil Singh. I’d like to thank every single law enforcement officer here. What you guys go through? I hear stories from my brother. This man over here, the Singh family supports him. Whatever he’s doing for law enforcement, we support him. His team at the White House has reached out to us multiple times. Multiple times. I don’t think that has ever happened before. Ever. This man is amazing and my family supports him.

Corporal Ronil Singh’s wife also took the stage to thank President Trump for his support.
Ronil Singh was shot dead by an illegal alien while on duty in California.

This was a wonderful moment that will likely be ignored by the liberal Trump-hating fake news media.

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