Author Alleges MLK Jr. Had 40 Affairs and Laughed as Pastor Friend Raped Parishioner — Will His Statues Be Next? #MeToo

Author David Garrow alleges Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had 40 extramarital affairs and laughed as a pastor friend raped a parishioner.

King’s philandering has long been suspected but the author was shocked by the number of affairs he discovered.

The Daily Mail reported:


Secret FBI tapes that accuse Martin Luther King Jr of having extramarital affairs with ’40 to 45 women’ and even claim he ‘looked on and laughed’ as a pastor friend raped a parishioner exist, an author has claimed.

The civil rights hero was also heard allegedly joking he was the founder of the ‘International Association for the Advancement of P***y-Eaters’ on an agency recording that was obtained by bugging his room, according to the sensational claims made by biographer David Garrow – a Pulitzer prize-winning author and biographer of MLK.

Writing in British magazine Standpoint, Garrow says that the shocking files could lead to a ‘painful historical reckoning’ for the man who is celebrated across the world for his campaign against racial injustice.

So will his statues be the next ones to come tumbling down?

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