Federal Prosecutors Release Transcript of Voicemail Between Trump’s Attorney to General Flynn’s Attorney During Witch Hunt

Attorney General William Barr sat for an interview with Jan Crawford from CBS This Morning in Alaska on Thursday that aired on Friday morning.

During the interview America’s top cop said he thought Special Counsel Robert Mueller could have reached a decision on President Trump and obstruction of justice in the Russia collusion investigation. Barr added that he was not going to argue about Mueller’s reasons for not doing so.

Barr also shot a warning at Deep State government operatives telling CBS that government interference in an election is as bad as foreign interference.


And Barr disputed the Democrat narrative that President Trump is shredding our institutions and Constitution.
Instead Barr blamed the Democrat “resistance” for shredding our democratic system.

By Friday night the deep state responded by releasing the transcript from President Trump’s attorneys to General Michael Flynn’s attorneys.

The Hill reported:

Federal prosecutors have released the full transcript of a voicemail from one of President Trump’s attorneys to an attorney for Michael Flynn that special counsel Robert Mueller examined as part of his obstruction inquiry.

The voicemail was left for Robert Kelner, a lawyer for the former national security adviser, after Flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement with Trump’s attorneys and began cooperating in Mueller’s investigation.

According to the voicemail transcript, Trump’s lawyer asked Flynn’s attorney for a “heads up” if he knew of information that “implicates the president,” describing it as a “national security issue.” The president’s attorney also said that Trump’s feeling toward Flynn “still remains.”

Mueller examined the voicemail as part of his investigation into whether Trump or others obstructed justice, in which Flynn provided information. Mueller ultimately did not make a decision on whether Trump obstructed the investigation.

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