American Reporter Pelted With Milkshake While Covering Tommy Robinson Rally

An American YouTube reporter was pelted with a McDonald’s milkshake while covering a Tommy Robinson rally in Salford, Manchester on Wednesday.

The reporter, Kurt Zindulka, had traveled from Asia, where he is currently living, to visit friends. When he heard about the Robinson rally happening nearby he decided to go cover it.

Zindulka had interviewed people on the pro-Robinson side without incident, but was assaulted with a vanilla McDonald’s shake shortly after attempting to speak to the protesters.

“I’m a small YouTuber who lives and works in Asia. I have been staying with a friend in the UK for the past few weeks. I had heard that there was a Tommy Robinson rally for the European Union Elections close by in Manchester. We went down there and were interviewing people on the Tommy side of the police barricade without incident for an hour. Then we went across to get some opinions from the opposition. I was having a reasonable discussion with a local man, when I was pelted in the side of the head with a McDonalds vanilla milkshake, covering my suit (the only suit I own),” Zindulka told the Gateway Pundit.

Instead of arresting the assailant, the British police told Zindulka to leave the area because his presence was “inflaming the situation.”

“I was quickly told to get out of there by the police, so I moved away from the crowd and continued to film,” Zindulka explained. “Then, a police officer told me I had to leave the carpark because I was ‘inflaming the situation.’ After talking about the attack with Tommy Robinson, who has also had a milkshake thrown on him, I went up to the police and, after the crowd started calling out the police for doing nothing, they took my statement. I’m going to the Manchester police on Tuesday to file a complaint, and press charges so that the person who did this will think twice before doing this to someone else.”

You can see Zindulka’s second encounter with police at the end of this video:

Zindulka joked that dry cleaning is expensive and noted that anyone who would like to pitch in can do so on his Patreon account.

Assaulting right-wing personalities and those who associate with them, or in this case dare to cover them, has become a new favorite tactic of the left.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was hit with a milkshake while on the election trail in Newcastle last Monday. Robinson and Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin have also both been assaulted with milkshakes.

The milkshake attacks have not only been glorified and promoted by members of the liberal media, they have also been promoted by Burger King on Twitter.

After McDonald’s in the area of Farage’s visit to Scotland stopped selling milkshakes while he was there at the request of police, the rival burger chain posted that they will continue selling them and urged their followers to “have fun” with them. The company’s social media account ‘liked’ multiple tweets referring to them as Antifa and thanking them for promoting the attacks.

“Dear people of Scotland. We’re selling milkshakes all weekend. Have fun. Love BK #justsaying,” the Burger King UK account tweeted.

The account later claimed that they did not intend to promote violence.

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