Actor Robert Davi Defends Jon Voight From Albert Brooks Who Compared him to John Wilkes Booth for Praising President Trump

On Memorial Day weekend actor Jon Voight released a moving tribute in support of President Donald Trump.

Voight praised Trump for battling “the left and their absurd words of destruction.”

And at the end of his video Jon Voight praises Donald Trump for being the best US president since Abraham Lincoln.


Of course, Jon Voight did not win over all of the Hollywood establishment with his praise of President Trump.

Far left activist and Democrat lapdog Alyssa Milano went off on Jon Voight telling him to “stay in his lane” and accusing the Oscar winner of being an “f-lister.”

On Memorial Day actor Robert Davi came to the defense of Jon Voight and slammed Albert Brooks who compared Voight to John Wilkes Booth.

Robert Davi: To denigrate him and say that Albert Brooks compared Jon Voight to John Wilkes Booth is an atrocity. John Wilkes Booth was a traitor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln as we know… I want someone like Norman Lear or someone like that who is respected and revered to speak out against this. The continued beratement of Donald Trump and his supporters or people who have a different ideology of the left eliteness of Hollywood, they live in a different society than a John Doe that’s in Arkansas or the coal mines of Pennsylvania or Ohio. There are differences of opinion. Respect them!

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