Woman Who Went Viral and Lost Her Job for Harassing Trump Supporter in Starbucks Has Gone Missing

A 46-year-old woman who went viral and lost her job for harassing an elderly supporter of President Donald Trump in a Palo Alto Starbucks earlier this month has gone missing, according to police.

Rebecca Parker Mankey had berated 74-year-old “Victor F.” for wearing a Make America Great Again hat in public and posted about it online.

Aberdeen Police Department is assisting Lake County Sheriff's Office in attempting to locate Ms. Mankey who is believed…

Posted by Aberdeen Police Department on Friday, April 19, 2019

Mankey had posted photos and a description of the incident on her Facebook page and the backlash over her abuse of the man caused her to lose her accounting job at a music shop.

“This crazy woman came over and started raving at me. She turned to the rest of Starbucks and said, ‘Hey everybody, here’s this racist over here. He hates brown people, he’s crazy, he’s a Nazi,’ and so forth,” Victor told KPIX 5.


Mankey had been screaming at the man that he is a “Nazi,” which he found particularly hurtful as he is Jewish and wears a yarmulke underneath his MAGA hat.

Now, police are seeking help finding the woman, who is believed to be in the Aberdeen area of Washington.

The backlash Mankey faced revealed another danger to viral outrage mobs. They not only hurt the target, but the blow back can potentially hurt the instigator as well.

Anyone with information about Mankey’s whereabouts are being asked to call the Aberdeen Police Department at (360)533-8765.

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