VIDEO: Gateway Pundit Reporter Discusses Visiting Julian Assange in Prison-Like Conditions on One America News

Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks discussed last week’s visit with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on One America News with Jack Posobiec and detailed the prison-like conditions that he is currently being held in, despite having asylum.

The interview aired on the network Wednesday morning.

Fairbanks was locked in a room by Ecuadorian embassy officials last Monday when she went to visit Assange for a pre-approved two hour long visit. Ultimately, she was only able to see him for eight minutes — but detailed a massive fight between the ambassador and the publisher in a report for Gateway Pundit.

“Embassy staff demanded that he submit to a full-body scan with a metal detector before allowing him in the room. They have not done this with any other visitor in the nearly seven years that he has lived there, including during my previous visits,” Fairnanks wrote. “I don’t want to do the body scan. It is undignified and not appropriate,” I heard Assange say. “I am just trying to have a private meeting with a journalist.”


The visit to the publisher had, in fact, become eerily similar to visits I have made to inmates at federal penitentiaries in the US. It seemed our government was getting what they wanted from Ecuador, as a former senior State Department official told Buzzfeed in January, “as far as we’re concerned, he’s in jail.”

At one point, Ambassador Jaime Alberto Marchán even told Assange that he wanted him to shut up.

“I know you want me to shut up — the Ecuadorian president has already gagged me,” Assange fired back. “I am banned from producing journalism.”

Ecuador is currently claiming that Assange has violated the “terms” of his asylum — though legally asylum is not meant to have “terms.” Many supporters believe that he is attempting to find an excuse to expel the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee from the embassy to earn favor from the US government.

“You are acting as an agent of the United States government and preventing me from speaking with a US journalist about these violations,” Fairbanks heard Assange demand. “What kind of sovereign state allows its ambassadors to be interrogated by another nation? No self respecting state does that!”

The report was confirmed by WikiLeaks legal team, who was present during the incident.

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