Video: Cellphone Thrown at President Trump at NRA Speech; Report: Secret Service Took a ‘Few Minutes’ to Respond and Detain Attacker

A cellphone was thrown at President Trump as he approached the podium to give an address at the NRA convention in Indianapolis Friday. The phone missed Trump by several feet and bounced harmlessly on the stage at Trump’s left. Video of the incident was posted to Twitter by reporter Bradley Brewer who reported the person who threw the phone was arrested.

Katie Pavlich witnessed the incident and noted it took the Secret Service several minutes to detain the man and that he hung around near the front of the stage carrying a soda until he was arrested.

Series of screen images shows the trajectory of the cellphone, which appears as a small black rectangle until it is seen as a shiny rectangle right before bouncing off the stage.

The first image shows the cellphone passing in front of Trump’s suit.

The next image shows the cellphone passing in between (but in front of) the teleprompter screens.

The flight of the cellphone is then seen arcing above the stage left teleprompter.

The apex of the thrown cellphone’s arc is then seen near the top of the NRA backdrop.

The cellphone is then seen coming down toward the stage.

The front of the cellphone is seen reflecting stage lighting as its fall approaches the stage. The cellphone bounced harmlessly stage left away from Trump who gave a casual look.

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