Update: Crazed Leftist with Mohawk Who Attacked Elderly Trump Supporter and Chased Him Out of Starbucks FIRED From Her Job

Crazed Bernie Sanders supporter Parker Mankey; photo via Facebook

A crazed leftist with a mohawk attacked an elderly gentleman minding his own business inside of a Starbucks in Palo Alto, CA because he was wearing a red MAGA hat.

A ‘woman’ who goes by the name Parker Mankey, posted photos of the elderly Trump supporter to her (now deleted) Facebook page Monday and called on her Facebook friends to find out who the “freak” is and “confront him.”

Parker Mankey, who declared her support for Bernie Sanders, says screaming at him, stalking him and doxxing him is a way to fight back against Fascism.


“I yelled at him. Called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him more about how it is not ok to hate brown people,” Parker said. “He threatened to call the cops. I left after yelling at him some more.”

Parker the Fascist wasn’t done yet, though — she said she went back into Starbucks to yell at the peaceful elderly man some more and she wanted to find out who he was and where his kids lived.

Parker says she followed the man to the cash register and “called him more names.” She bragged about calling him a “wimp” then “chased him out of Starbucks yelling at him to get the fuck out” of her town.

Parker Mankey’s employer, Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, California posted a note on their Facebook earlier Tuesday letting people know they were aware of an incident involving one of their employees.

Mankey was an accountant at Gryphon Strings Instruments, according to an online profile.

“We would like to make it clear that we do not condone harassment or hate speech of any kind. We are currently addressing the matter internally. Thank you for your concern,” Gryphon Strings said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

A few hours later, Gryphon Strings announced they terminated Parker Mankay. “The employee in question has been terminated,” the Facebook post said. “Gryphon does not believe anyone should be harassed or subject to hate speech no matter their beliefs.”

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Gryphon Strings for comment and they responded by referring this reporter to the statement they posted to their Facebook page.

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