Turncoat Republicans Help Democrats Abolish Electoral College In Oregon

Thanks to the help of two republicrats, democrats in Oregon have passed the National Popular Vote in the state senate. The bill passed on a 17-12 vote, with a mostly party line vote. The NAYs were 9 republicans, along with democrats Peter Courtney (senate president), Ginny Burdick (senate majority leader), and Betsy Johnson (moderate democrat). The AYEs were all of the democrats, along with two republican turncoats: Chuck Thomsen and Brian Boquist. Another senator was excused for the day.

Boquist and Thomsen are helping the democrats in their efforts to defeat Trump in 2020.

Boquist has previously taken flack from pro gun activists for his role in helping to pass a gun control bill two years ago. His district encompasses a large rural area, stretching from outer western suburbs of Portland, down past Salem, and into the outer west areas of Corvallis. Thomsen represents rural areas to the east of Portland and into the Cascade Mountain Range.

Senate president Peter Courtney has been under fire from the Soros linked National Popular Vote groups because he refused to allow the bill to the floor in the last couple of legislative sessions. Part of Willamette Week’s report reads:

In Oregon, legislation similar to SB 870 has been blocked three times by Senate President Peter Courtney over the last 12 years. Until recently, Courtney maintained that the issue should be brought to Oregon voters.

“If you believe in the popular vote,” Courtney said in September, 2017, “then let the popular vote decide the issue.” The same year, National Popular Vote, Inc., the group pushing for the replacement of the Electoral College, launched an expenditure campaign against Courtney. (National Popular Vote, Inc. is backed by wealthy innovator John Koza, who co-invented the scratch-off lottery ticket.)

Koza’s anti-Courtney campaigning appears to have been successful. Last month, OPB reported, Courtney reneged on his stance and announced he would allow a vote on the bill.

You can reach senator Chuck Thomsen’s office at 503-986-1726.

You can reach senator Brian Boquist’s office at 503-986-1712.

Despite the endless capitulation by republicans to appease democrats, Oregon republicans continue to lose ground, with two House seats and one Senate seat flipping to democrat in the last election.

The bill now moves to the state House, where it has several sponsors. Should it pass the House, it then goes to governor Kate Brown’s desk, where will surely sign off on it and join New Mexico, Delaware, and Colorado as the latest states to join the National Popular Vote pact.


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