Ted Malloch: Is Joe Biden “A White Walker?”

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

Is it just me or do you see the strong resemblance between pale, old, unwoke, and very white Joe Biden and The Night King, White Walker in Game of Thrones?

It is not only that they look quite alike, either.


White Walkers and their tribal chieftain, The Night King, you may recall, are humanoid creatures in Game of Thrones, which you are all doubtlessly glued to the screen watching this weekend.

The epic battle scene is this very episode, so don’t miss it.

George R.R. Martin wrote the novel series, A Song of Fire and Ice upon which the HBO television series is based.

These “other” beings—White Walkers—are a supernatural threat to all mankind who live beyond mythical Westeross, in the often-disagreeable Seven Kingdoms.

These ancient ice creatures, actually what we would refer to as, zombies, are reincarnated corpses of dead humans.

After death their decomposed bodies are turned into ‘wights’.  They seek more death and in turn create more dead bodies.

Fire can stall or harm White Walkers, as they are flammable. It is only swords made of Valyrian steel forged by dragon fire that can kill them.

White Walker Biden may be the Democrats front-runner this week but even his friends and colleagues question whether he is: too old, too white, too moderate, too male, too straight, and too? to become the Democrat nominee in a year of complete wokeness.


As one friendly pundit put it, “he is just too yesterday.”

Importantly AOC, who represents the most progressive, actually socialist element in the Democrat tent, thinks Creepy Uncle Joe, part of the past, definitely not the future.

He doesn’t even make her short list.

For that reason alone he is likely toast.

The Democrats themselves will use modern day versions of Valyrian steel swords to shred him to pieces. CNN and MSNBC have already started.

It will be entertaining to watch, especially for Republicans.

Spartacus, Pocahontas, Skakeboy, Gay Mayor, Mistress Hoe, and all the other 20 or more Dems will have a field day with this as they destroy each other.

Tellingly, President Trump named Biden with the moniker, “Sleepy” Joe; while others joke about his groping tendencies and less than stellar political accomplishments over a long 50-year career as the ultimate DC swamp creature.

He does put you into a trance of somnolence or dreariness.

You spell that — BORING!

It is significant that former two term President Barrack Obama failed to endorse his own VP, perhaps because he knows something?

What is that something?

He can’t win, especially against Trump and a strong economy?

He knows all about the nasty conspiracy to depose a duly elected President named, Trump?

He has a very checkered past and voting history as a Senator?

His record has racist overtones from Anita Hill to school busing?

He lost three times before at trying to become US President? (LOSER)

He and his son are on the Chinese payroll?

He has significant misconduct allegations that will haunt him?

He plagiarizes? Ask, Neil Kinnock or Bobby Kennedy.

He is not #METOO?

He has a long-standing arrogance problem?

He is a literal gaffe-machine?

My own prediction, for what it’s worth: Like The Night King, in GoT, Biden will be history shortly, even if the battle is ugly.

Donald J. Trump will retake the Iron Throne in 2020.


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