Ted Malloch Addresses EU Leaders on: The European Union After Brexit

Dr. Ted Malloch, contributor to GP addressed an august body of EU leaders, predominantly from the conservative, nationalist and reformist persuasion this week at the Berlaymont EU headquarters in Brussels.

The insightful Trumpian analysis gave the Europeans gathered much to “think about.”

One of the introducers called Malloch, “the intelligence behind the sovereignist movement worldwide” and a “key person who foresaw the rise of populism as a reaction to globalism.”


He went on and said, “Everything he has predicted has come to pass, so we better listen to him about the Europe to come.”

Malloch’s lengthy comments suggested that, a century ago, French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau used medical terminology to argue for quarantine against the Bolshevik tide spreading from Moscow. As revolutionary communism began to spread into newly independent states previously comprising the Russian Empire, Clemenceau’s Cordon Sanitaire policy – a precursor to the Truman/Kennan “containment” doctrine – remains relevant to understanding European politics and the EU a century on, post-Brexit.

Malloch explained, the Cordon Sanitaire – and its role in the European Parliamentary elections in May – bears no less relevance today for the United States’ relationship with Europe and certainly for the United Kingdom post-Brexit.

Malloch forced the parliamentarians to face this question: What would it look like if the Cordon Sanitaire fails to contain surging populist movements in this year’s European elections?

He said the political situation after the May 2019 elections would change dramatically in Europe.

In the post-Brexit EU we see a diminished ambition for the EU and its integrationist project.

The various groupings of countries are moving in many and quite varied directions.

The leadership change and new players will mean the EU is sidelined and in a degree of chaos.

The state and level of that chaos depends entirely on the nature of the electoral outcome.

But it is fairly easy to predict that things will not remain the same.

He ended, “In conclusion, turbulence is the operative word. It looms all over the European horizon – politically, culturally and economically — in the immediate post-Brexit period.”

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