Secretary Pompeo: Several U.S. Citizens Killed In Sri Lanka Church Bombings

Photo by Ishara S. Kodikara

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed that “several” American citizens are among the casualties of the Sri Lankan church bombings.

The official statement reads:

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the terror attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter morning. Attacks on innocent people gathering in a place of worship or enjoying a holiday meal are affronts to the universal values and freedoms that we hold dear, and demonstrate yet again the brutal nature of radical terrorists whose sole aim is to threaten peace and security.

The United States offers our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed and wishes a quick recovery to all who were injured. While many details of the attacks are still emerging, we can confirm that several U.S. citizens were among those killed. The U.S. Embassy is working tirelessly to provide all possible assistance to the American citizens affected by the attacks and their families.

These vile attacks are a stark reminder of why the United States remains resolved in our fight to defeat terrorism. We stand with the Sri Lankan government and people as they confront violent extremism and have offered our assistance as they work to bring the perpetrators to justice.

President Trump affirmed the United States’ readiness to help.

Sri Lankan police have identified suspects and begun making arrests, as the death toll now exceeds 200.


Associated Press is reporting that several British nationals were also among the casualties:

Britain’s Foreign Office is confirming that British nationals died in the Sri Lanka attacks but is not specifying the number, which Sri Lankan officials say was five.

A Foreign Office statement released Sunday evening in London said British nationals were among those killed.

AP also says that Sri Lankan authorities have cut internet services in the area:

A group that monitors internet censorship says Sri Lankan authorities have blocked most social media services in the country following attacks that killed more than 200 people on Easter Sunday.

The NetBlocks observatory says it detected an intentional nationwide blackout of popular services including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Sri Lankan officials said Sunday they are temporarily blocking social media to curtail the spread of false information and ease tensions until their investigation is concluded.

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