SARAH! SARAH! Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Rock Star Welcome at Trump Green Bay Rally; “Jealous” Trump Jokes, “You’re Fired!” (Video)

President Donald Trump brought Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on stage at his campaign-style rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Saturday night after the crowd at the packed Resch Center chanted, “SARAH! SARAH!” when he mentioned her in his speech. One reporter observed Sanders got the loudest applause of the night. After Sanders left the stage to more raucous cheering, Trump kidded Sanders saying he was jealous because she was becoming too popular and jokingly yelled out like he did on The Apprentice, “You’re fired!”

Video clips and reactions below. Sanders made brief remarks that echoed a statement she posted to Twitter earlier Saturday.

“Liberals said President Trump would lose-he won; said he colluded with Russia-he didn’t; said he’d ruin our economy-it’s booming; said he’d weaken America-our military has never been stronger. All the liberal lies can’t change the fact that the Trump presidency has been a success”

Longer clip with crowd chanting, “SARAH! SARAH!”, prompting Trump to invite her on stage.

Shorter clip:

Longer clip with “You’re fired!” quip.

Last year at this time Sanders attended the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner and was treated very badly.

Trump and his White House staff are boycotting tonight’s WHCA dinner. Looks like they didn’t miss much.

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