SANCTUARY AIRPORT: King County Airport in Seattle to Ban ICE Detainee Flights

Sanctuary city? More like sanctuary airport.

King County International Airport (Boeing Field), which is just a few miles south of downtown Seattle, will begin banning flights from ICE used to transport illegal alien detainees.

KIRO 7 reported:

“Here in King County, we are a welcoming community that respects the rights of all people,” King County Executive Dow Constantine. “My executive order seeks to make sure all those who do business with King County uphold the same values. Our goal is to ban flights of immigrant detainees from our publicly-owned airport, and I hope members of Congress shine a light on this practice and how it is currently funded.”

Constantine’s office realized King County Airport was being by used by ICE to transport illegal aliens in 2016 so an executive order was signed to stop the “deeply troubling human rights concerns inconsistent with the values of King County.”

There are eight specific points to Constantine’s order:

  • Take steps to minimize King County’s cooperation with the transportation of immigration detainees.
  • Work with Congress to develop laws addressing deportation practices that contribute to human rights abuses.
  • “Ensure that all future leases, operating permits and other authorizations for commercial activity at King County International Airport contain a prohibition against providing aeronautical or non-aeronautical services to enterprises engaged in the business of deporting immigration detainees (except federal government aircraft), to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.”
  • The county will develop procedures to ensure contractors comply with laws around human trafficking and county policies.
  • Revise airport standards, and develop rules for operating permits for charter carriers and reporting responsibilities with “respect to human trafficking and immigration detainee deportation activities.”
  • Make amendments to existing code.
  • Install security cameras around the airfield and nearby ramps.
  • Quarterly updates detailing progress toward goals in the executive order.

Constantine’s order does not affect Sea-Tac Airport.

The federal government gave the land for Boeing Field to the county, but according to the airport director, the executive order would not violate the stipulation because ICE doesn’t directly operate deportation flights. Charter companies do, the Seattle Times reported.

It’s nice to know that King County airport is concerned about the “human rights violations” and “due process” when it comes to criminal illegal aliens — to hell with the rights of the taxpaying American citizens.

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