Riot Breaks Out in Ecuador’s Capital Over President Lenin Moreno Withdrawing Julian Assange’s Asylum (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people took to the streets in Quito on Tuesday to protest President Lenin Moreno withdrawing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s asylum.

The protesters, supporters of former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, accused the current president of being a “traitor” and being subservient to the United States government.

“Out traitor, out! We voted for you so you govern, not for you to sell us to the United States. Despicable traitor!” a protester was heard shouting.

The march began peacefully, but was soon attacked by police who came out to confront the protesters in full riot gear and began firing tear gas into the crowds. Multiple injuries were reported.

The protesters assert that Moreno had “sold” Assange, who was a political refugee, in exchange for a  $4.2 billion IMF loan. They also called out the corruption that was revealed in the INA Papers.

Moreno, in attempting to justify his treatment of Assange, had expressed concern that the publisher’s “Embassy cat” had been fitted with a camera. Protesters mocked the paranoia with giant signs.

While this was going on, Moreno was in DC speaking to a very small crowd in the office of the Inter-American Dialogue think-tank. As he was leaving, a protester threw a “Hands Off Assange” banner at his car and was subsequently arrested by the Secret Service.

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