Press Pool Report States “Handful” of Supporters Lined Trump Motorcade Route for Border Trip; Video Shows Hundreds

President Trump was greeted by hundreds of supporters at the start of his motorcade route in El Centro, California, Friday as he headed to inspect new border wall construction at Calexico, California. The press pool report by the Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama stated the Trump supporters numbered only a “handful.”

Screen images from Trump video shows large crowd of supporters on both sides of street in El Centro.

Pool report: The president’s motorcade arrived at U.S. Border Patrol Calexico Station at (sic)

The ride was uneventful but scenic — through the Imperial Valley’s sprawling lettuce fields and the gorgeous Jacumba mountains, which stretches across the border with Mexico, as the backdrop. The skies here today are bright blue with the occasional spotting of clouds. The population in Imperial Valley population is overwhelmingly Hispanic, mostly with people who trace their origins back to Mexico.

There were a handful of supporters lining the roads along the way, with signs — for example: “welcome President Trump,” “Build the Wall for Our Safety,” and Trump-Pence campaign signs, as well as many American flags. There were also a few “Q” signs, and some children holding pro-Trump signs. Your pooler only spotted a couple of anti-Trump signs, including one that read: “Stop Trump!” As we entered the city, many curious onlookers lines the streets shooting video and taking photos with their phones. I’ve attached a few photos.

Video posted by President Trump and local reporters tell a different story.


Smaller crowds, but more than a handful, gathered further down the route.

Protesters chanting in Spanish gathered near the area where Trump is expected to inspect the border wall.

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