Populist Democrat Candidate Tulsi Gabbard: “Remember Jesus Christ’s Message of Love”

Tulsi Gabbard

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted an explicitly Christian message in recognition of the Easter Sunday terrorist attack in Sri Lanka earlier today — in contrast to former President Obama, who left out any reference to Christians or Christianity in his tweet on the subject.

“My heart is with Sri Lanka on this #EasterSunday, w/hundreds killed & wounded in a horrific attack as they gathered in prayer” wrote Gabbard, who is Hindu.

“On a day devoted to love & peace, may we remember Jesus Christ’s message of love – for God and each other – as we commit to defeating hate with love.”

Although a Democrat, Gabbard has staked out a position as an anti-war populist in her party. An Iraq war veteran, she strongly opposes endless regime-change wars in the Middle East.


“We have spent trillions of your taxpayer dollars to pay for these wars, taking those dollars away from our communities and our people who need them right here at home,” she said in her campaign launch video.

Just like any politician – Republican or Democrat – who opposes the establishment’s forever-war agenda, Gabbard’s position has earned her the distrust of the mainstream media. NBC News has even tried to tie the candidate to Russia, using analysis from the same company that got busted for creating fake Russian troll accounts during the Alabama senate election in 2017 in order to create the false impression of a Russian-orchestrated interference campaign.

Gabbard’s statement on the Sri Lanka attack contrasted with former President Obama’s, who refused to even acknowledge the incident as an attack on Christians, instead using the bizarre phrase “Easter worshippers” to describe the victims.

Obama also declined to mention Christianity in his comment on the Notre Dame disaster, describing the building in religiously neutral terms as “one of the world’s greatest treasures.”

However, following the New Zealand terrorist attack that targeted mosques, Obama made sure to send his condolences to the Muslim community specifically.

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