New Hampshire Voter Stuns MSNBC Reporter on Mueller Report: ‘Democrats Need to Move on and Just Drop It’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC didn’t get the answer they were looking for when they asked a New Hampshire voter about the garbage Mueller report that was released on Thursday.

MSNBC asked a New Hampshire voter named Harold Chase about the Mueller report and he said that the Democrats were just trying to find something on Trump to run with it.

“When you’re saying ‘they’…I think you’re talking about Democrats — when you say they’re going to run with it, do you think that they should talk about this as they campaign for president?” MSNBC asked the New Hampshire voter.

The man’s response certainly wasn’t what MSNBC was digging for.

“Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” the man said. “It’s going to destroy them so they won’t win in 2020 if they keep pushing this.”

MSNBC kept pushing and asking about the Mueller report — MSNBC wanted to hear the word ‘impeachment.’

“And what do you think the most important thing is now that the Mueller report is out? What do you want to see happen next?” the reporter asked.

“I think they just need to move on and just drop it…they just keep going forward. They’re not gonna get anywhere,” the voter said.

Voters don’t care about the Mueller report — real Americans care about immigration, jobs, wages, healthcare etc., not some garbage report written by biased lawyers in DC fighting for power.


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