Mueller’s Report Reveals FBI Investigated General Mike Flynn Over His ‘Russia Ties’ Earlier Than Previously Known

General Flynn

Mueller’s report revealed that the FBI was investigating General Mike Flynn for his supposed ties to Russia much earlier than previously known.

According to Mueller’s report, Trump’s former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn was under investigation for FOUR separate sets of allegations.

It was already publicly known that General Flynn was under investigation for his contacts with Russian Ambassador Kislylak during the Trump Admin transition, however the reason for the CI investigation prior to this was unknown.

Flynn ended up pleading guilty to making a false statement to the FBI after he was ambushed by Trump-hating FBI official Peter Strzok and Special Agent Joseph Pientka in early 2017 over his calls to Kislyak where he discussed Russia sanctions.

Mueller’s report stated that Flynn was being probed as a part of the FBI’s Russia investigation before his calls to Kislyak, however it is unclear why.

“Previously, the FBI had opened an investigation of Flynn based on his relationship with the Russian government,” the report stated. “Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak became a key component of that investigation.”

In a footnote, Mueller’s report cited FBI 302’s taken by former FBI Director James Comey and former Justice Department official Mary McCord.

In May of 2018, the House Intel Committee revealed in a newly unredacted portion of its report (screenshot below) that there was a CI investigation into General Mike Flynn prior to his phone calls to Russian Ambassador Kislyak, per Comey’s testimony, however the reason for it was unclear.

“Director Comey testified that he authorized the closure of the CI investigation into General Flynn by late December, 2016, however; the investigation was kept open due to the public discrepancy surrounding General Flynn’s communications with Ambassador Kislyak,” the Intel reported stated.

And by “public discrepancy surrounding Flynn’s communications with Amb Kislyak,” the report is referring to the illegal leaks (and possible illegal unmasking) of Flynn’s call with Kislyak to the Washington Post.

Mueller’s report didn’t even mention the illegal leak or wanting to get to the bottom of who illegally leaked Flynn’s phone call to the media.

Comey testified that four individuals connected to Trump were under FBI counterintelligence investigation in the summer of 2016 dubbed ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’

Four Trump associates were being targeted for surveillance in the summer of 2016: General Mike Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page and Paul Manafort were all targets of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation.

It is believed that General Flynn may have been targeted by the FBI because he accepted money for a gig in Moscow in December of 2015.

Flynn was photographed sitting at a table next to Russian President Vladimir Putin (below) which set off the crazy Russophobes.

Others speculate General Mike Flynn was targeted by Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ for other reasons…

When Congressman Mark Meadows asked ex-FBI lawyer James Baker in a closed-door testimony in October of 2018 if multiple Trump associates (besides Carter Page) were targeted with FISA warrants, he refused to answer.

Thanks to American hero Congressman Devin Nunes, we will soon have more answers on the FISA abuses and which one of Trump’s associates were being spied on with FISA warrants.

Screenshot of Mueller’s report via The Conservative Treehouse.

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