Mika Brzezinski Dismisses Biden Allegations: ‘I Refuse To Give It Any More Time’

Ever notice how allegations against Democrats just disappear from mainstream media reporting?

Remember when Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam apologized for once wearing blackface, but then said he actually didn’t wear blackface? That story came and went in a week, despite the numerous questions that arose after his weird reversal.

How about when the story about Democrat Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax in Virginia (what’s in the water there?), who was accused by Vanessa Tyson, a professor at Stanford University, of sexually assaulting her during the Democratic National Convention in 2004. That story, which later included allegations from a second woman, was around for a only a few days before — poof — it disappeared, too, unresolved.


That’s what happened with the story about Joe Biden groping and fondling and touching women inappropriately. We lost count at nine women who accused the former vice president of unwanted touching.  In the first case, Lucy Flores, a Democrat and former candidate for lieutenant governor in Nevada, said Biden groped her from behind and smelled her hair. A slew of women followed with their own tales of unwanted touching.

And even though Biden never actually apologized, the story has all but disappeared.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, said Tuesday that she’s just not going to talk about it anymore. But before she stopped talking about it, she defended President Obama’s right-hand man.

“I can promise you, I know Joe Biden, he went up behind her and took a deep breath because he was about to go on stage,” she said, referencing Flores. “I want to explain that because there’s a woman who accuses him of smelling her hair – he’s not interested in your hair. OK? He was going on stage, he took a deep breath before he went on stage and you took it deeply personally, and now you’re writing a New York Times op-ed about it demanding an apology?

“This, once again, is completely ridiculous, and the rest of America thinks it’s ridiculous, too.

She said Biden was “not a villain, not an unlikable person, not a sexual harasser or assaulter.”

Then she dismissed the matter altogether.

“I’m done. You guys can continue to talk about this, I won’t. I refuse to give it any more time,” Brzezinski said.



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