Mayor Buttigieg Has His Deplorable Moment: Compares Bernie Supporters to Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

That was quick…
Ambitious South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took a shot at Bernie Sanders and his supporters this weekend. Buttigied compared Bernie’s supporters to Trump supporters.

Democrats are already attacking their socialist majority and Bernie Sanders.

They think trashing Bernie will help their party favorites.

Comparing Bernie supporters to Trump supporters is as low as it gets on the left. After all, Trump supporters are racist, deplorables.


Mediaite reported:

At an event in Nashua, New Hampshire this weekend, Buttigieg offered praise for Sanders when asked about a “Profiles in Courage” essay that he wrote in 2000. He also expressed admiration for Sanders and said that while he only has a “slightly different” message from Sanders, “I’m obviously a very different messenger.”

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