Liberal Seattle Mayor Welcomes All the New Illegal Aliens Surging Across the US Border — Please, President Trump! Grant Her Wish!

While most of the “sanctuary city” mayors are pushing back against Trump’s proposal to ship all of the illegals into their cities, Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, openly welcomes and invites Trump to do just that.

In a recent op-ed she penned for the Washington Post, she says “Seattle is not afraid of immigrants and refugees.”

Highlights of her article include:

Here’s a message to President Trump: Seattle is not afraid of immigrants and refugees. In fact, we have always welcomed people who have faced tremendous hardships around the world. Immigrants and refugees are part of Seattle’s heritage, and they will continue to make us the city of the future.

What does scare us? A president and federal government that would seek to weaponize a law enforcement agency to punish perceived political enemies. A would-be despot who thinks the rule of law does not apply to him.

It’s clear he hates the fact that the very cities he scorns are engines of innovation, opportunity and economic power. But we will not be deterred. The president’s threats won’t intimidate me as a mayor of a city with an open door, as a former federal prosecutor or as the granddaughter of a teenager who fled a war-torn, starving and impoverished country only to be welcomed in America.

In Seattle, we have started to provide tuition-free college for our public high school graduates, regardless of a young person’s immigration status. We’re expanding internship and apprenticeship opportunities to connect all our young people with the jobs and opportunities of the future. We’re working to help tens of thousands of legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens as part of the New Citizen Campaign and our other citizenship programs. Our Ready to Work program connects people with case managers and English language education to help our immigrant and refugee neighbors gain the skills necessary to enter our booming jobs market.

So if this president wants to send immigrants and refugees to Seattle and other welcoming cities, let me be clear: We will do what we have always done, and we will be stronger for it. And it will only strengthen our commitment to fighting for the dignity of every person. We will not allow any administration to use the power of America to destroy the promise of America.

She appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews to double down.


Jason Rantz, of My Northwest, points out how Durkan is contradicting herself and even insulting the very same immigrants she purports to care so deeply about:

Durkan’s editorial manages the kind of doublespeak you expect from a politician who picks virtue signaling over sound policy. Woke Durkan writes, “Seattle is not afraid of immigrants and refugees.”

But then, she almost immediately criticizes the president’s plan:

“What does scare us? A president and federal government that would seek to weaponize a law enforcement agency to punish perceived political enemies. A would-be despot who thinks the rule of law does not apply to him.”

Why does Durkan view bringing illegal immigrants to Seattle as punishment? How would Seattle be punished, in her eyes, by welcoming folks in need of help — the kind she likes to play White Knight towards?

In her (or the staff member who wrote this) zest to attack Trump — while weirdly claiming she’s not a political enemy of his — she implies it would be bad to bring illegal immigrants here. One might say she committed a microaggression.

“He is demonizing immigrants and refugees to incite fear and to distract the American public from his own failures,” Durkan continues.

Why does Durkan think Seattle would be scared to invite illegal immigrants into this sanctuary city? Or is Durkan the one that’s scared?

She then spends a couple paragraphs laying on the pandering really, really thick, reminding us that our immigrant and refugee community are an integral part of our community.

But this isn’t in dispute and comes off as incredibly condescending, as if they need her approval. If she spoke this way about Jews (though given her inaction on local anti-Semitism, she might not), I’d be incredibly annoyed: I don’t need her telling me what I’m capable of. I don’t need your approval.

Not to mention, she would — and likely has — described every other demographic group in Seattle in the same way.

My favorite part of Durkan’s piece is when she tells Trump that his administration can learn from her own. She left out all the damning statistics of homelessness, traffic congestion, property crime, rape, robbery, and murder all trending in the wrong direction under her watch.

Yes, this is the same city whose homeless and drug crisis is reaching peak liberal and has been the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary, Seattle Is Dying.

While Durkan encourages everyone to take in illegal aliens, she seems to not care half an iota about the homeless citizens who are suffering on the streets in the city that she rules over.

She’s joined by Burlington, VT, Mayor Miro Weinberger, who is also hoping that his city gets a metric ton of cultural diversity via throngs of illegal aliens.

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