Jared Kushner: In Florida After Passing Law That Ex-Felons Can Vote “More Ex-Felons Register as Republicans than Democrats” (VIDEO)

Jared Kushner joined Laura Ingraham on Monday to discuss the recent White House successes.

Kushner told Laura that more ex-cons are registering as Republicans than Democrats in Florida since the new law passed allowing ex-cons to vote.
This is BIG NEWS!

Jared Kushner: One statistic that I found very pleasing is that, in Florida they passed a law that former felons can now vote. We’ve had more ex-felons register as Republicans than Democrats and I think they see the reforms…

Laura Ingraham: WOah, woah, woah… You’ve had more ex-felons register as Republicans than Democrats?

Jared Kushner: That’s the data that I’ve seen. I think that will surprise a lot of people.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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