ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lanka Easter Massacre of Christians

At least 300 people, mostly Christian, were killed Sunday and 400 were injured in bombings at Christian churches and Western hotels on Easter morning in Sri Lanka.

Over a dozen suspects were arrested following the bombings.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the massacre on Tuesday.

FOX News reported:


ISIS claimed responsibility Tuesday morning for the coordinated Sri Lanka Easter bombings as the death toll in the massacre has risen to 321.

The international terror group – despite not producing evidence to prove their involvement – tweeted via its propaganda wing that the violence was carried out by “fighters of the Islamic State,” reports said.

The terror group’s assertion comes amid Sri Lanka’s minister of defense claiming the bombings at multiple churches and hotels in Colombo were “carried out in retaliation” for attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 by an apparent white supremacist gunman.

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