HUNDREDS of Oregon Gun Owners Rally at State Capitol Over Dangerous Gun Ban Bill

Gun rights are under an all out assault in Oregon. The state senate judiciary committee, chaired by rabid anti-Constitutional rights hoplophobe Floyd Prozanski, who once fantasized about murdering someone with his own gun, took the seemingly innocuous one-page Senate Bill 978 and added 44 pages of amendments last week, then scheduled a public hearing on it. This is the old “gun and stuff” ploy.

Apparently there were two more amendments that were added just as the meeting got underway.

Oregon Firearms Federation released this initial response:


SB 978 has it’s first “amendment”. It’s 44 pages long and turns the bill into a nightmare anti gun bill.

We told you about SB 978 yesterday and assured you that this harmless looking bill was going to be gut and stuffed with draconian anti-gun language, and it has.

Here is a link to the “Dash 1″ amendment to the bill. And of course we use the word amendment quite loosely.

The “amendment” is 44 pages long. The “bill” was a few paragraphs.

After our first review of the bill here are the elements we noticed immediately. No doubt we missed a few.

If this “amendment” is adopted, the bill will:

Allow gun stores to refuse to sell firearms and ammunition to young adults (As Bi-mart, Walmart and Fred Meyers have done in violation of the law.)

Exonerate gun dealers who violated our anti-discrimination laws, even if they did it before this bill was passed. (Get out of jail free card for corporations that broke the law.)

Require that your self defense firearms be locked up. Under this bill you can be prosecuted even if you did lock up your guns with a cable lock if someone has “access” to a device to defeat the lock. Which of course, is anyone who has access to almost any tool.

Hold gun owners responsible for two years for guns they “transferred” unless they could prove the transferred gun had a trigger or cable lock. (This is one of the most inane ideas we have ever seen.)

Hold gun owners responsible for crimes committed with guns that were stolen from them.

Treat “80 % lowers” as complete guns requiring background checks and registration. If the lower is transferred and has no serial number, the police need a “detailed description: or the lower.

Ban “undetectable firearms.”

Ban “untraceable firearms”

Increase CHL fees.

Allows cities, counties, metropolitan service districts, airports, schools, colleges and universities to ban CHL holders from “public buildings.” Please note. The bill does NOT say buildings owned by those entities. It says “public buildings.” Under this bill a school in John Day could forbid you from carrying your firearm in a public building in Troutdale.

Ban CHL holders from airports. No, not just the terminal. But the parking lots and grounds “adjacent” to parking lots. Picking up your spouse at the airport? Go to jail.

This “amendment” is insane. If you can come to the capitol on April 2nd to testify against this please come. The sideshow hearing starts at 8am with sign ups to testify starting at 7.30 am in room 50 in the Capitol basement.

If you cannot be there in person please upload testimony to [email protected]

You can contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee here.

The Senators who support your rights on that committee are:

Kim Thatcher, Cliff Bentz and Dennis Linthicum. The rest are opposed to your rights.

The person allowing this outrage to go on is Senate President Peter Courtney. You can, and should, contact him here.

This is not the end of it. Floyd Prozanski is planning another anti-gun bill to be heard on April 8th where, no doubt he plans to take away whatever he missed on this bill.

It’s essential that you get involved. NOW.

According to further Oregon Firearms Federation analysis of the bill:

While there are countless terrible provisions to the amended bill, the one that will effect ALL gun owners is the change in the definition of “Public Buildings” and the provision that would allow virtually any public entity to create rules about firearms in “public buildings” .  Under the amendments, a school district could create a policy that could make you a felon simply for being NEAR a public building. You don’t even have to be on their property.

In essence, it would be almost impossible for you to leave your home with a firearm without the risk of committing a felony.

The part about the cable locks would actually be regulated by the Oregon Health Authority, who couldn’t even get a webpage to work properly.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held the hearing this morning, and it was packed with gun rights supporters. One attendee tells The Gateway Pundit there were 200-300 people who showed up, all lined up at the list opposing the bill. “Penny Okamoto [director of anti gun Ceasefire Oregon] came around the corner and looked at our line of people in opposition to this bill with the most distraught look on her face,” our source tells us. “There was not one person at the ‘for’ table when Penny arrived.”

There were so many up in arms over this proposed legislation that overflow rooms were opened.

Congressional candidate Joey Nations put out this quick video from the event:

According to the official sign up list, which is public record, the anti gun side (in support of the gun control bill) only had three pages of people, while the opposition (pro 2nd Amendment) side had 14 pages, which totaled 188 people. And those are just the people who signed up to testify. There were many people who showed up after the sheets filled up and knew they weren’t going to get a chance to actually speak, so they didn’t even bother putting their names down. In fact, of those 188, an attendee tells us there were only about 20-25 who were called up to speak, and even then they were limited to only two minutes.

Of course the Bloomberg owned Moms Demand Action has to spin this as a victory, citing that three overflow rooms had to be opened, but not saying that two of those rooms were filled with pro gun people, and that they’re own turnout was rather paltry.

Floyd Prozanski has scheduled a “work session” on the bill for Monday of next week. At the work session, he can choose to amend the bill however he wants, then put it to a vote of the committee. Or not.

You can reach Senator Floyd Prozanski at 503-986-1704.

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