Former Obama Border Patrol Director: Crisis At Border Is Worst ‘In The History Of This Country’

Former U.S. Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan, who served during the Obama administration, says the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is the worst “in the history of this country.”

Morgan, who has been defending President Trump in his efforts to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S., gave a frank assessment of the situation in a Monday interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Business.

“Make no mistake, and I’ve been trying to get out here — this isn’t just a crisis, this is a crisis like we’ve never experienced in the history of this country since we started tracking numbers,” Morgan said today. “And again, we’ve had that talk and that’s because of the demographics. There’s still this very false talking point out there that — well, back in the ’90s, the numbers were higher — over a million.”


At a congressional hearing last week, Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch, said that in his sector alone, border agents have captured people trying to enter the country illegally from more than 50 different countries, including Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Egypt and Romania. “People are traveling across hemispheres to attempt to illegally enter the U.S., using the same pathways as the Central Americans,” he told lawmakers.

“Much media attention has focused on caravans coming across from Central America,” Karisch said. “But the fact is that RGV is receiving caravan-equivalent numbers every seven days.”

“Karisch noted that Border Patrol has apprehended more families illegally crossing the border in the first five months of fiscal 2019 than during all of fiscal 2018,” Fox News reported. “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended more than 76,000 migrants across the border in February and said it was on track to apprehend more than 100,000 in March. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, Karisch said that at current pace, they would have more than 260,000 apprehensions in his sector by the end of fiscal 2019. There were 162,000 in RGV last year. He also said that his agents apprehend, on average, 1,000 people a day.”

Obama’s border chief Morgan blamed “broken asylum laws.”

“With the broken asylum laws and other loopholes that are there, we’re seeing 65 to 70 percent increase in family units, and because of those broken laws, we’re allowing them in. This year, we’re expected to hit a million, but we’re going to let 650,000 into the country. That’s driving this crisis, driving our resources, being overwhelmed. We have to address it,” he said.

Morgan has long supported a border barrier. In November 2016, he told a Senate committee, “Do we need more fencing? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do we need it everywhere? No. Is it the sole answer? No.”

Morgan added that the current situation “would be like having a high-tech security system, but not having doors or windows in your house.”

Trump on Monday praised his unlikely supporter.

“Mark Morgan, President Obama’s Border Patrol Chief, gave the following message to me: ‘President Trump, stay the course.’ I agree, and believe it or not, we are making great progress with a system that has been broken for many years!” he wrote on Twitter.

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