Florida Republican Legislature Approves Funding For Pulse Memorial

Florida Republicans have approved $500,000 of state funds to be directed towards a memorial site project at Pulse nightclub where a radical Islamic terrorist killed 49 people in a mass shooting almost three years ago.

Orange County had previously allocated $10 million towards the project and a non-profit is working to raise a total of $45 million to construct a permanent memorial that is slated to be opened in the summer of 2022. While several Central Florida area Democrats led the charge to secure the funding, it was ultimately approved by a GOP dominated legislative budget conference.

Though this shouldn’t have to be said… we need to say it in these increasingly bizarre political landscape. REPUBLICANS SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED AND GIVEN CREDIT for finding a way to accommodate a request for the use of limited taxpayer funds for a Pulse memorial.

We all know that if they did not ultimately approve the request that they would be labeled homophobic racist bigots who were “emblematic” of what it means to live in “Trump’s America.” Since the opposite has occurred, the same logic must be applied.

Giving credit where credit is due, State Senator Linda Stewart and State Representative Carlos Smith have both applauded the funding approval, though they did not specifically acknowledge that the ultimate end decision was a result of a Republican dominated budget conference.

Florida Republicans have shown that the modern GOP under the leadership of President Trump is not only open-minded, but increasingly compassionate and welcoming to the LGBT community. GOOD WORK!


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