Election Interference? Twitter Bans Tommy Robinson’s Campaign Account

Tommy Robinson

Twitter has suspended the campaign account for citizen journalist Tommy Robinson’s independent bid for European Parliament.

While Robinson himself is banned from Twitter, the campaign account stated clearly that it was not run by the political hopeful personally.


The account had been flagged by a Muslim organization called Tell MAMA UK, whose website says that their aim is “tackling anti-Muslim hatred” and working with Central Government “to raise the issues of anti-Muslim hatred at a policy level.” They boast that their work “helps to shape and inform policy makers.”


Researcher Nick Monroe noticed that prior to the full ban, the account had already been shadowbanned on the platform.

“This is David vs Goliath. No one has ever won as an independent,” Robinson told supporters at a campaign event on Thursday. “Do you realize the shockwaves we will send across the world if we unite and vote?”

Robinson’s campaign website states, “if you elect me to the European Parliament, I’ll represent you, the working class of England. Whether it’s enforcing our borders and cutting back on immigration, or taking back our national sovereignty to make British decisions in Britain, or fighting to preserve our national identity against Islamification, I’m on the side of the people. Right now, only 4% of our MPs are working class and it shows.”

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