Elderly Trump Supporter Chased Out of Starbucks by Leftist with Mohawk Speaks Out, ‘I Hope This Brings a Wave of People Wearing MAGA Hats’

The elderly man who was screamed at and chased out of a Palo Alto Starbucks by a crazed leftist with a mohawk over the weekend spoke to local reporters about the incident.

A woman named Rebecca ‘Parker’ Mankey, posted photos of the elderly Trump supporter to her (now deleted) Facebook page Monday and called on her Facebook friends to find out who the “freak” is and “confront him.”

Mankey, who declared her support for Bernie Sanders, says screaming at him, stalking him and doxxing him is a way to fight back against Fascism.

Rebecca Mankey was subsequently fired from her job as an accountant at Gryphon Strings Instruments.


The 74-year-old man, who identified himself as “Victor,” is Jewish and wears a yarmulke under his MAGA hat — he said being called a Nazi is particularly hurtful since he is Jewish.

“This crazy woman came over and started raving at me,” Victor said describing how the crazed leftist tried to rile people up in Starbucks to mob him.

Victor said he hopes the incident “brings a wave of people wearing their Trump hats.”


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