Easter Bunny Pummels Man In Brawl Outside Nightclub (VIDEO)

Never, ever get in a fist fight with the Easter Bunny.

That’s what one guy learned the hard way on Sunday (apparently after the Easter Bunny had hidden all those eggs and, we’re guessing, popped out for a nightcap).

“It is not known who was inside the big, white bunny suit but he looks hopping mad as he is seen in the video throwing several punches at a guy in downtown Orlando near Tier nightclub Sunday night,” CBS-Miami reported on Monday. “An Orlando police officer eventually stepped in to break up the fight.”

In the viral video, a man appears to be on top of a woman, hitting her as the two wrestle on a sidewalk. Then the Easter Bunny jumps in. “Beat his ass!” someone yelled as one man caught the whole skirmish on video. “Go, Easter Bunny, go!” shouted another fan.

Afterward, the Easter Bunny is seen shadow boxing and chest-bumps a new-found fan.






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