Crooked Hillary Viciously Attacks Trump in WaPo Op-Ed, ‘Mueller’s Report Documents a Serious Crime Against the American People’

Twice-failed presidential candidate, Crooked Hillary is still bitching about her 2016 election loss.

Crooked Hillary Clinton viciously attacked President Trump and fantasized about his impeachment Wednesday in a Washington Post opinion piece where she laid out a 4-point plan on how to “hold President Trump accountable for obstructing justice and possibly breaking the law.”

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday in the WaPo op-ed that Mueller’s report ‘definitively’ concluded the 2016 election was corrupted and it “documents serious crimes against the American people.”

Clinton said that “what our country needs now is clear-eyed patriotism, not reflexive partisanship. Whether they like it or not, Republicans in Congress share the constitutional responsibility to protect the country.”

Hillary attacked Attorney General Bill Barr and accused him of “obfuscation” because of redactions he made (with the special counsel’s help) to Mueller’s report — redactions that are required by law to conceal grand jury secrecy.

“But it’s a road map” Hillary said of Mueller’s garbage report. “It’s up to members of both parties to see where that road map leads — to the eventual filing of articles of impeachment, or not.”

Hillary defended the impeachment of her husband Bill Clinton and said the GOP-led House in 1998 “rushed to judgement.” — So she called for “Congress to hold substantive hearings that build on the Mueller report and fill in its gaps, not jump straight to an up-or-down vote on impeachment.”

Hillary Clinton said that Watergate offers a better precedent — The arrogance of Hillary invoking Watergate when she’s the one who spied on her political opponent’s campaign!

Clinton called for televised hearings (Soviet-style show trials) and said that executive privilege should not be used to shield Trump’s counsel or aides.

“If today’s House proceeds to an impeachment inquiry, I hope it will find someone as distinguished and principled as [John] Doar to lead it,” Hillary said of the Watergate-era DOJ official who began the impeachment inquiry into Nixon.

Towards the end of her op-ed, Hillary focused on Trump’s ‘possible obstruction of justice’ and called for an independent commission to protect the country’s elections against “future attacks.”

In the penultimate paragraph of her op-ed, Hillary Clinton said that if Trump’s isn’t held accountable, he will “likely redouble his efforts to advance Putin’s agenda.”

It gets worse…

Hillary concluded her op-ed by invoking the Founding Fathers — “Our founders envisioned the danger we face today and designed a system to meet it. Now it’s up to us to prove the wisdom of our Constitution, the resilience of our democracy and the strength of our nation.”

Rush Limbaugh said it best — Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail.

Our country will never heal unless Hillary Clinton pays for her decades of crimes.


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