Claim: Alert Pro-2A Advocate Warned FBI of Likely Mass Shooting Half-Hour Before Chabad of Poway Synagogue Attack

A person who describes them self on Twitter as a “Responsible Gun Ownership and Safe Shooting Sports Advocate” tweeted an urgent warning Saturday at 11:07 a.m. PDT time that a mass shooting was about to occur and posted a screen shot of an 8-chan post, asking for help on how to report it, “This was posted on a radical right wing the website about five minutes ago there is about to be a mass shooting. I’m trying to figure out how to report it”

A half-hour later a gunman opened fire during a service at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue in Southern California, killing one and wounding three including the Rabbi.

Unfortunately, the poster, @AricVictor, is new to Twitter and had just a handful of followers. After news broke several hours later of the mass shooting, Victor posted that the FBI was contacted, “Multiple victims transported to hospital after shooting at San Diego a I TWEETED HIS 8CHAN POST TODAY AT 11:00 AND CALLED THE FBI AND WARNED THEM CHECK MY TIMELINE”


Victor was understandably upset the FBI was not able to stop the shooter in time, “I TWEETED HIS 8CHAN POST AT 11:00AM TODAY LOOK AND I CALLED FBI WHY DIDNT ANYONE STOP HIM”

Victor answered questions for this writer and others about the call to the FBI.

“The first # that comes up on google search for “FBI Emergency tip” I didn’t know what else to do!”

“No no no didn’t you see my other post that says exactly that?! the FBI is an institution that I support and am proud of!! 😠 OF COURSE they can’t be everywhere!! 😠”

“Hi Lars! I just googled “FBI emergency tip” and dial the one 800 number. The woman on the other hand was very professional, was familiar with those awful websites, and pass the information on immediately. I think shooters post IMMEDIATELY before attack; impossible to stop.”

“Only that the man said that he was responsible for it and arson attack on a mosque in Escondido one month ago. As soon as I read that, I googled it and it was true. This was what pushed me to call the FBI.”

UPDATES: Victor added that the 8-chan post was taken down while on the phone with the FBI. And that the call to the FBI ended just eight minutes before the attack began.

“It was taken down while I was on the phone with the FBI it was up for less than 20 minutes”

“Hey I should clarify something. I didn’t even get off the phone with the FBI until eight minutes before the attack. Even though it was his real name, eight minutes is just too fast. I can assure you that the shooter knew this, and took advantage of that. Donate to victims if ucan”

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