Chris Cuomo Accidentally Exposes The Truth About Illegal Aliens Who Travel With Kids – HINT: They’re Asylum Props (VIDEO)

Guest post by Bright Start News

Chris Cuomo accidentally let the truth slip out on CNN during his recent “Cuomo at the Border” special. While interviewing an illegal alien, Cuomo learns that the man is not really seeking asylum, although he’d happily accept it if offered.

No, what the illegal alien really wanted was a job, which he tells Chris without reservation. Chris mistakenly took the interview a step further, asking why he dragged his son on the life threatening journey if he was simply coming here to work. The illegal alien replied, “If I come here with my son, I’ll be allowed to stay.”

“Migrant workers” using children as asylum props. Nope. No crisis here. Just keep shopping everyone.

Face it. People who are against Trump’s efforts at immigration reform are indifferent to the deaths of brown people.

h/t Citizen Free Press


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