British Teen dubbed ‘Osama Bin Bieber’ Who Joined Caliphate Is Killed by ISIS for Being Spy

In 2014 The Gateway Pundit reported on British teen “Osama Bin Bieber” who joined the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

Mohammad Hadi is nicknamed ‘Osama Bin Bieber’ after the Canadian pop star due to his young-looking appearance. (Photo courtesy: Daily Mail)

British teen Mohammad Hadi, 18, recently joined the jihad in Syria.
Al Arabiya reported:

A British teenager named Mohammad Hadi, 18, from the city of Coventry in the West Midlands, is believed to have joined the increasingly-powerful Islamic militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS), reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday.

The young man, of Iraqi-Kurdish decent, is nicknamed ‘Osama Bin Bieber’ after Canadian pop star Justin Bieber due to his young appearance.

Hadi claims that extremist clerics at a religious school in the city had radicalized him and persuaded him to travel to the Middle East, alongside three other men.

There are Instagram pictures, posted by Hadi, that show him holding guns and tweets claiming that he is in Syria with ‘Dawla’, another name for ISIS.

In 2015 Mohammed Hadi, 19, told his dad that he suffered ‘serious spinal injuries’ and lost the hearing in one ear as a result of a deadly air strike.

mohammad hadi
Mohammed Hadi, of Coventry, is now 18. (ABLX Boston)


Today The Sun reported that Britain’s youngest ISIS recruit was murdered by ISIS for being a spy.

You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

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