BOOM! President Trump: Origins of Mueller Report are CRIMINAL and TREASONOUS (VIDEO)

President Trump met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenbert on Tuesday in the White House.

The president opened up the Oval Office was questions following their meeting.

At one point the president was asked about the Mueller Report and the insistence by Democrats to see the entire report.

President Trump spoke for six minutes on the Democrat Party’s denial and then he pointed to the origins of the Mueller Report. The mainstream liberal media has NO INTEREST in reporting on the real scandal – that Barack Obama and his administration spied on the opposition candidate during the 2016 election.

At the end of his remarks President Trump said the origins of the Mueller Report are criminal and treasonous.

Trump told the reporters they would receive Pulitzer Prizes if they investigate the origins of the Mueller investigations.

President Trump: People did things that were very, very bad for our country and very, very illegal. And you can even say treasonous. Thank you very much everybody.

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