AWFUL! Mitch McConnell Rebuffs Trump Again, Says “Closing the Border Would Have Catastrophic Impact on Country” (VIDEO)

Sometimes it’s hard to see who these Republican senators represent?

Just last month 12 Republican senators stood proudly with Democrats against President Trump’s border emergency declaration.

That was the best Mitch McConnell could do — 12 defectors.


This past weekend President Trump suggested he may be forced to close the southern border.
In March 100,000 illegal immigrants invaded the southern border. Immigration services are overwhelmed.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have no answer for this crisis.
Closing the border is NOT their priority.
They could not care less about their voting base.

Instead Mitch McConnell refuted the Republican President and said, “Closing the border would have a catastrophic economic impact on the country.”

Did Pelosi or Harry Reid EVER do this to Barack Obama?

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