After Numerous Attacks Against Christians, Portland Police Sends Extra Patrols To Protect Islamic Mosques

Portland city leaders meet with islamic clerics

In the wake of the worldwide attacks against Christians, the Portland (duh) police bureau has assigned extra patrols to watch over muslim centers in the city for fear of potential retaliation against The Religion Of Peace.

The press release reads:

In the early morning hours of Wednesday April 24, 2019, the Portland Police Bureau was notified by the Portland FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) of a possible threat to Islamic organizations in Oregon.

As the FBI investigation into the matter was being conducted, an extra police presence was dispatched to a location in Portland, in coordination with the FBI and other Portland area law enforcement.

Once notified by the FBI that JTTF agents and task force members resolved the immediate concerns and determined that there was no known threat to any Islamic center in Oregon, Portland Police officers resumed regular patrol operations.

“We are acutely aware of the horrific and deadly terrorist acts that occurred at houses of worship in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and Sri Lanka,” said Portland Chief Danielle Outlaw. “We will continue to protect houses of worship and religious community centers. All people deserve to be free from the fear of violence.”

To learn more about the FBI investigation, visit

The Portland Police Bureau asks that any community member that becomes aware of threats of violence to contact law enforcement immediately.

The FBI later conceded that there was no actual verifiable threat.

There were no such patrols sent to Christian churches after the New Zealand shooting. Portland city leadership, including police chief Danielle Outlaw, instead met with local muslim leaders. As expected, extra patrols were dispatched to protect islamic centers, out of “an abundance of caution.” What’s more, Portland police has an entire committee dedicated to pandering to muslims, called the Muslim Advisory Council.

There have been no extra patrols out protecting “Easter Worshippers” after the Sri Lanka church bombings. Or the Nigerian Christian slayings. Or the Filipino Christian slaughter. There’s no “abundance of caution” there.

In a twist of irony, the city of Portland pulled out of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force earlier this year over fears that muslims would be targeted. Now that same task force is the one that’s investigating possible threats against muslims.

This is also in light of the likely hoax reports being made around Portland, where paranoid social justice wackjobs are making up new stories every week about how nazi white supremacists are lurking around every corner and assaulting transgender and black folks.



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