Actor Rainn Wilson Blasts Elon Musk For Not Crediting Him On Quiet Electric Leaf Blower Idea

Bears. Beets. Blowers.

You know him as Dwight Schrute from “The Office,” but his real name is Rainn Wilson. And he’s in a bit of tiff with multi-zillionaire Elon Musk.

Last Friday, Wilson tweeted at Musk: “can u make a quiet electric leaf blower?” He has, after all, made a flame-thrower and sent a car into space, so it seemed like a reasonable idea.

Musk didn’t reply, but an hour later he wrote: “Back to work…”

Then on Tuesday, Musk tweeted: “Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leafblower.”

One Twitterer noticed the connection and pointed it out to Wilson and called out Musk.

Musk denied he stole the idea. “It’s been suggested by many, externally & internally,” Musk wrote.

Then Wilson wrote to the billionaire inventor of Tesla automobiles, “C’mon Musk, give me some credit.”

“Nope,” Musk wrote back, adding a winking face emoji.

Guess that’s how you get to be a billionaire.