2020 Dem Hopeful Kamala Harris to Introduce Legislation That Would Allow Illegal Alien ‘DREAMERs’ to Work in Congress

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)

American citizens need not apply.

Kamala Harris, Democrat Senator and 2020 hopeful will introduce legislation on Wednesday with Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Catherine Cortez (D-NV) that would allow illegal alien ‘DREAMERs’ to work in Congress.

Once again, the Democrats are working hard to advance the lives of illegal aliens.

Harris’ proposed legislation would lift the ban on illegal alien ‘DREAMERs’ working in Congress.

Politico reported:

Harris is moving aggressively to highlight her immigration reform bona fides — and her latest push comes as a growing number of Dreamers try to flex their muscle by becoming more involved in federal policymaking, after years of being shut out. Outside of Congress, hundreds of thousands of so-called DACA recipients were granted permits allowing them to work legally in the U.S.

“The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have made to their communities,” Harris said in a statement. “Government works best when it reflects the people it represents.”

Harris and her team recognized early on that there was an opening on the immigration issue in the Senate, in part because large numbers of Latinos are more heavily concentrated in a handful of states including hers.

Harris, a California Senator, lives in a state with the most DACA recipients in the country so she is making it her priority to pander to illegal aliens rather than serve her taxpaying constituents.

Dick Durbin praised Kamala, “She’s been a strong advocate particularly on issues that I’m concerned about: comprehensive immigration reform, DACA and Dreamers,” Durbin said. “I think there’s a certain intensity to her position based on the state she represents because of the diversity of” California, reported Politico.

In addition to Wednesday’s bill, Kamala Harris introduced legislation targeting ICE detention centers for more ‘oversight.’

The Democrat party is officially the party of illegal aliens, welfare/food stamp recipients, open borders and complete lawlessness.

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