WRONG AGAIN: Ocasio-Cortez Sends Out Another Tweet That Lacks, Uh, Like, Facts

To Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, everything is about race.

“68% of all NYC public school students are Black or Latino,” the New York Democrat wrote in a post Tuesday on Twitter. “To only have 7 Black students accepted into Stuyvesant (a *public* high school) tells us that this is a system failure. Education inequity is a major factor in the racial wealth gap. This is what injustice looks like.”

The political neophyte cited a New York Times article headlined, “Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.’s Most Selective High School, Out of 895 Spots.”


Only a tiny number of black students were offered admission to the highly selective public high schools in New York City on Monday, raising the pressure on officials to confront the decades-old challenge of integrating New York’s elite public schools.

At Stuyvesant High School, out of 895 slots in the freshman class, only seven were offered to black students. And the number of black students is shrinking: There were 10 black students admitted into Stuyvesant last year, and 13 the year before.

But take a good look at the tables in The Times story. For 2019, the student demographics breakdown like this:

  • Asian — 66%
  • White — 22%
  • Black, Hispanic, Other — 12%

So, yes, black and Hispanics did get in at a low level, but so, too, did whites, at least when compared to the majority, which are Asian.

Twitter, as expected, had a field day.

The Times does note that entry in to Stuyvesant is extremely hard. “Students gain entry into the specialized schools by acing a single high-stakes exam that tests their mastery of math and English. Some students spend months or even years preparing for the exam. Stuyvesant, the most selective of the schools, has the highest cutoff score for admission, and now has the lowest percentage of black and Hispanic students of any of New York City’s roughly 600 public high schools.”

Huh. Admitting students based on merit. What an odd concept.




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