WikiLeaks Launches $1 Million Fundraising Goal to Facilitate Full Publication of the ‘Mueller Report’

WikiLeaks has launched a one million dollar fundraising drive to “facilitate the full publication” of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

WikiLeaks was a central aspect of the investigation, as the frenzied Democratic Party attempted to link the publication to the Trump campaign and Russia.

The award-winning publication tweeted that “Americans deserve answers. We can’t trust the president or his team’s word when it comes to this story. The public needs to see the Mueller report.”

WikiLeaks also responded to the news that there will be no more indictments — sealed or unsealed — by looking back on some of the more obscenely fevered the Russiagate conspiracy theorists became over time.


Earlier this week, lawyers for 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted that he will not be cooperating with a far-reaching document request from Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee that was sent as part of their effort to investigate President Donald Trump.

The committee requested documents from 81 individuals and entities in their efforts to investigate corruption, obstruction of justice, and ethics violations in the Trump campaign.

Assange’s DC-based lawyer Barry Pollack told The Gateway Pundit that “the First Amendment dictates that any inquiry by Congress should not begin by issuing requests to journalists for documents pertaining to their news gathering.”

WikiLeaks is protected under the Bartnicki First Amendment Test, which holds that a publisher cannot be held liable for a disclosure of stolen information if the disclosure deals with “a matter of public concern” and provided that the speaker was not “involved” in the theft. Given that WikiLeaks does not steal or hack the documents that they publish, this precedent should apply to Assange.  There is no doubt that their publications have been newsworthy and of public concern.

Currently, Chelsea Manning is in prison for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against the publisher.

Assange entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on June 19, 2012. He was soon granted political asylum. The UK has long refused to acknowledge the findings of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD), which found that Assange is being arbitrarily and unlawfully detained and must be immediately released without the threat of arrest and compensated.

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