WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says President Trump Should Pardon Roger Stone, ‘Let’s Hope it Comes Very Soon’

On Friday evening, after Robert Mueller’s investigation finally reached a conclusion without any more indictments, Tucker Carlson urged President Donald Trump to pardon Roger Stone “for a process crime that wouldn’t have arisen without this investigation.”

“Stone is still looking at life in prison. Where is Roger Stone’s pardon? His pardon from the president. Let’s hope it comes very soon,” Carlson said.

Speaking to Ed Henry, Carlson asked if anyone in the White House has mentioned a pardon for Stone, to which he said no.

“I’ve heard people outside the White House tell me very clearly that the president has been advised to let this investigation play out before he discusses pardons or does anything,” Henry said.

Earlier in the program, Carlson pointed out that Stone is facing life in prison simply because he was dragged into the witch hunt.

“Roger Stone is facing life in prison,” he said. “He was indicted by an investigation designed to find collusion––indicted on minor charges. He was dragged from his own home in a morning FBI raid.”

Carlson has previously defended Stone by saying that “his real crime was flamboyance.”



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