VIDEO: Protester Dressed Like a Cow Demands Release of Mueller Report, Chants ‘Hey Hey, Moo Moo, Free Speech is For Me and You’

A protester dressed like a cow chanted outside the White House on Monday evening, demanding the release of the full report from Robert Mueller.

The cow was chanting, “hey hey, moo moo, free speech is for me and you.”

Another protester played the trumpet during the bizarre protest.

The hilarious footage was captured by Breitbart filmmaker and videographer Matthew Perdie.

It seems as though the left is just completely losing it these days and full on reverting to childhood. Earlier this month, members of Antifa showed up at the home of Tucker Carlson to protest his show, while dressed like bananas.

“Carlson is a horror — and he is one of the most powerful right-wing personalities on television,” the Facebook page for the protest read. “So let’s wear fun Halloween costumes and let Tucker know how we feel about his statements.”