UPDATE: Three Far Left Punks Arrested After Lighting Tulane Conservative Student’s Dorm Room Door on Fire

Criminal Leftists Arrested!

Louisiana – Violent fascist students doxxed Peyton Lofton, a chapter leader for Turning Point USA and YAL chapter officer at Tulane University, then lit his dorm room door on fire on Friday.

Mr. Lofton was doxxed by an anti-YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) social media account, according to a fellow YAL member.

Charlie Kirk, the leader of TPUSA sounded the alarm on Saturday.

Charlie Kirk posted photos of the burnt dorm room door and Peyton Lofton and said, “This is Peyton Lofton, our chapter leader for TPUSA at Tulane. He was recently doxxed by the violent left for being a conservative,” Kirk said. “Last night his dorm room door was literally SET ON FIRE after he was doxxed. The violent left is targeting students!”

A police officer is seen inspecting the burnt door in one of the pictures; law enforcement is currently investigating the incident.

Peyton Lofton subsequently took down his LinkedIn page.

Close up photo of the burnt dorm room door:

On Saturday Tulane police arrested two sophomores and a student visiting from another shool for the criminal actions.

21-year-old Robert Money and 20-year-old David Shelton were arrested along with Naimi Okami from Brown University.

Of course — Security cameras in the dorm caught the violence on camera.
Police say the reason for the attack was “not yet clear.” Seriously?
FOX8 reported:

Three people lit a sign on Peyton Lofton’s door on fire just after midnight, Strecker said, but the flames were quickly put out. No injuries were reported, he said, and the door only had “minor damage.”

The incident was caught on security cameras, according to Strecker, and the students were identified as 21-year-old Robert Money and 20-year-old David Shelton. Strecker said the third person was identified as Naimi Okami, a 20-year-old Brown University student.

All three were arrested late Saturday and booked into the Orleans Justice Center jail — each with one count of arson, online court records show. They all appeared in court the next day, where Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Brigid Collins set their bonds at $10,000 each. As of Sunday night, it appeared all three had been released on bail.

According to Strecker, Tulane Police are still investigating the incident, and as of Sunday night, the reason for the crime was “not yet clear.”

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