Uncovered: How A Tech Prodigy Behind Oculus Was Forced Out Of Facebook For Not Supporting Hillary

Blake Harris set out to write a book about Oculus virtual reality.

He ended up uncovering an internal witch hunt at Facebook that resulted in the ousting of a tech prodigy, all because said tech prodigy had the audacity to not be a far left wackjob.

In his new book, “The History Of The Future,” Harris chronicles Palmer Luckey, who had created a new VR technology at the age of 17, now known as Oculus. Luckey sold his tech company to Facebook for $3 Billion and continued working for Oculus under Facebook, until he was fired for giving money to an anti-Hillary organization in September of 2016. That trumped up scandal was propagated by a Daily Beast writer, Gideon Resnick, who allegedly misled and lied to Luckey and Milo, whom Luckey had befriended, after Resnick promised to keep Luckey’s identity a secret. Harris also alleges that Facebook employees conceded they had “failed their mission” of defeating Trump in 2016.


Harris recently appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss the matters. “What had happened was he donated $10,000 to a political organization called Nimble America. Their mission was to put up billboards across the country. They’d only ever put up one billboard, featuring a caricature of Hillary and it said ‘Too Big To Jail.'” Harris goes on to explain how the Daily Beast story completely mis-characterized Luckey with the headline of “The Facebook Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine.” Luckey wanted to release his own statement in response to the article saying that it wasn’t true, but that it is true he was supporting Trump. “That was unacceptable for him to say he’s a Trump supporter… It went up the chain at Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg personally wrote a statement that Palmer ended up having to post if he wanted to keep his job, and it didn’t say he was supporting Trump, but said that he was planning to vote for Gary Johnson.”

Harris further explains that he himself is a life long liberal, and was bummed when Hillary lost. “But I was even more bummed and terrified by what I was finding at Facebook.”

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